Admira Fusion

Universal nanohybrid ORMOCER® restorative material


Class I to V restorations

Base in class I and II cavities

Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors

Facetting of discoloured anteriors

Correction of shape and shade for improved aesthetic appearance

Locking, splinting of loose anteriors

Repairing veneers, small enamel defects and temporary C&B-materials

Extended fissure sealing

Restoration of deciduous teeth

Core build-up

Composite inlays


  • The worldwide first purely ceramic-based restorative material
    – Pure Silicate Technology, i.e., fillers and resin matrix based purely on silicon oxide
    – Contains no classic monomers

  • Thanks to the most innovative ORMOCER® technology
    – By far the lowest polymerisation shrinkage (1.25 % by volume) and particularly low level of shrinkage stress in comparison to all conventional restorative composites
    – Inert, so highly biocompatible and extremely resistant to discolouration

  • Completely universal – meeting highest demands in anterior and posterior regions
    – Perfect coordination of translucence with opacity for natural results
    – The optimal selection of shades enables highly flexible working using either the single or multiple shade system

  • Excellent handling, simple high-lustre polishing procedure coupled with high surface hardness guarantee first-class long-term results

  • Compatible with all conventional bonding agents


Admira Fusion

REF 2750 Set + bond syringe 5 × 3 g (A2, A3, GA3.25, A3.5, Admira Fusion x-tra), shade guide + Futurabond U SingleDose 20 pcs., accessories
REF 2780 Set + bond Caps 75 × 0.2 g (15 each of A2, A3, GA3.25, A3.5, Admira Fusion x-tra), shade guide + Futurabond U SingleDose 20 pcs., accessories
REF 2778 Trial kit Admira Fusion Caps 9 x 0.2 g (3 each of A2, A3, A3.5), Admira Fusion Flow syringe 1 x 2 g A3, Admira Fusion x-tra Caps 3 x 0.2 g universal, accessories
REF 2752 Shade guide

Syringe 3 g

REF 2754 A1
REF 2755 A2
REF 2756 A3
REF 2758 A3.5
REF 2759 A4
REF 2762 B1
REF 2763 B2
REF 2764 B3
REF 2766 C2
REF 2768 D3
REF 2770 OA1
REF 2771 OA2
REF 2772 OA3
REF 2773 OA3.5
REF 2775 BL
REF 2776 Incisal
REF 2757 GA3.25
REF 2760 GA5


Caps 15 × 0,2 g

REF 2782 A1
REF 2783 A2
REF 2784 A3
REF 2786 A3.5
REF 2787 A4
REF 2790 B1
REF 2791 B2
REF 2792 B3
REF 2794 C2
REF 2796 D3
REF 2798 OA1
REF 2799 OA2
REF 2800 OA3
REF 2801 OA3.5
REF 2803 BL
REF 2804 Incisal
REF 2785 GA3.25
REF 2788 GA5
REF 2806 Mixed (3 each of B1, B3, D3, BL, Incisal)

Small devices

REF 9301 Dispenser – Caps

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Admira Fusion - The first purely ceramic based restorative material
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