Amaris Gingiva

Highly aesthetic light-curing restorative material in gingiva shades


Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, V-shaped defects) especially in cases of retreating gingiva e.g. as a result of periodontic desease

Covering of exposed discoloured hypersensitive cervical areas, especially in the visible anterior area

Highly aesthetic correction of malpositions of teeth, for direct veneers, facings and corrections of the red-white aesthetics


  • One base shade, combined with three mixable opaquers, can reproduce almost all gingival shades
  • Aesthetic and functional solution for cavities and V-shaped defects in cervical areas exposed by gingival recession
  • Latest composite technology – Amaris know-how in gingiva shades


Amaris Gingiva

REF 1970 Set syringe 4 g base shade, syringe 3 × 1.2 g opaquers (white, light, dark), shade guide, accessories
REF 1971 Syringe 4 g nature

Disposable articles

REF 2147 Application cannulae type 45, 100 pcs.
REF 2309 Disposable brushes for dental brush holder, 100 pcs.
REF 2338 Brush holder for VOCO disposable dental brushes and Micro Tim, 5 pcs.

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