VOCO Dental Aid

In the context its “VOCO Dental Aid“ initiative, VOCO supports various dental aid projects. Volunteer aid workers get involved in these projects in a variety of locations all over the world, making a valuable contribution to the provision of basic dental healthcare and often joining the mission for several weeks. Their work is aimed most of all at those who only rarely, or never, have access to the services of their country’s healthcare system. Quite commonly, these people also live in remote and almost impassable regions which the aid workers can only reach after exhausting journeys. Once there, they then face further challenges. Especially when treating patients in such difficult circumstances, the volunteers depend on the quality and user-friendliness of the dental materials being employed. VOCO expressly honours the humanitarian involvement of dental professionals by making proven VOCO brand products available to them free of charge. These products are successfully used for prophylaxis campaigns and for dental restorations, and also sometimes to stock up dental treatment stations for future use. Find out more about several aid projects which have received support from our “VOCO Dental Aid“ initiative.

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Far from civilisation


Dental Aid in Uganda

Dentists and Friends: dentists deployed to Bolivia


Isla del Sol aid project

VOCO Dental Aid: Relief work in Mongolia | VOCO GmbH

A check up on Genghis Khan’s descendants


Dental relief work in Mongolia

DentalAid - Nepal | VOCO GmbH

Small steps to the objective


Dental mission in Nepal

VOCO DentalAid | VOCO GmbH

”Dental Safari“ in south-western Africa


Dental aid mission in Namibia

VOCO Dental Aid | VOCO GmbH

Humanitarian Rally through Morocco


Dental aid for the “Children of the desert”

VOCO Dental Aid | VOCO GmbH

Dental expedition to Lake Titicaca


VOCO supports aid project in Bolivia

VOCO supports dental aid programmes in all over the world. | VOCO GmbH

Aid in the Himalayas


Dental mission in Nepal

Brushing lessons for beginners. | VOCO GmbH

Aiming high with dental aid


Dr. Annette Schoof-Hosemann, a dentist in Baden-Baden, Germany, spent the period from July to September in Bolivia’s Andean valleys. This was already her third stay there lasting several weeks since 2010, with the primary aim of providing children and young people with basic dental healthcare. Moreover, on her dental relief trip this year, she implemented a broad-based fluoridation initiative.

Dental care - as important in the Himalayas as anywhere else in the world. | VOCO GmbH

Working at grass-roots level on the roof of the world


VOCO supports the “Dental Health Care” programme of the association “Kinder des Himalaya e.V.” (KdH), which was founded in 2001.