New Products

V-Posil – Time-optimized VPS Impression System

V-posil-family | VOCO GmbH

2 min work and 2 min set time, Snap set, polyether-like contact angle provides superior hydrophilicity for max. precision

Celalux 3 - small and light-weight power LED light

celalux3 | VOCO GmbH

Super small and light (2.5oz) Power LED curing-light, with vibration time indicator

Admira Fusion Flow - 1st all ceramic-based flowable

admirafusionflow | VOCO GmbH

Flowable light-cured Nano-Hybrid Ormocer (ORganically-MOdified CERamic) sets new standard in regards to biocompatibility and low shrinkage.

Ionolux - Resin Modified Glass Ionomer

Ionoluxweb | VOCO GmbH

Light-cured RMGI restorative with composite-like esthetics and handling, no conditioner, no glaze

Admira Fusion - 1st all ceramic-based restorative

Admira-Fusion-light-bulb | VOCO GmbH

Universal light-cured Nano-Hybrid Ormocer (ORganically-MOdified CERamic) sets new standard in regards to biocompatibility and low shrinkage.

Admira Fusion x-tra - Bulk Fill Nano-Ormocer

AF-x-tra | VOCO GmbH

Bulk Fill Nano-Hybrid Ormocer with high biocompatibility, up to 50% less shrinkage and shrinkage stress. 4mm depth of cure.

Bifix Temp - Dual-cured clear temp cement

bifix_temp | VOCO GmbH

Dual-Cure clear resin-based temporary cement with strong adhesion and easy clean-up

Ufi Gel hard C - chairside hard denture reline

ufigelhardc | VOCO GmbH

The 10 min Automix chairside hard denture reline material. Turn hard denture relines into a proftiable procedure.

Futurabond U - Dual-cure Universal Adhesive

FU-blister | VOCO GmbH
Dual-Cure Universal Adhesive without extra activator or primer for all light,- self and dual-cure resin materials, plus Silane, Metal and Ziroconia primer replacement. Total- Selective- or Self-Etch.

Calcimol LC - calcium ion release

Calcimol-LC-ad | VOCO GmbH
Light-cured, resin modified calcium ion releasing base liner and pulp capping material

Quick Up - hassle free implant pick-up

Quick Up - hassle free Implant Pick up | VOCO GmbH
Tissue colored Implant Pick-up System that that cuts procedure time in half and virtually eliminantes interlocking. No more vent holes and excess removal.

Product Highlights

GrandioSO: 89% filled Nano Hybrid Composite


GrandioSO Heavy Flow


Profluorid Varnish: 5% sodium fluoride varnish

The easy and tasteful white transparent 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish in a non-messy new delivery system

Remin Pro: Triple Protection Dental Paste

Bifix SE: self-adhesive resin cement

Self-adhesive dual-cured resin cement

with easy clean-up formulary


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