Universal light-cured 89% filled Nano-Hybrid Composite for anterior and posterior fillings of all classes


Class I - V restorations

Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors

Facetting of discolored anteriors

Correction of shape and shade for improved aesthetic appearance

Locking, splinting of loosened teeth

Repairing veneers

Restoration of deciduous teeth

Core build-up under crowns

Composite inlays


  • 89% fillers by weight:
    • Outstanding wear resistance
    • Enhanced color stability
  • 30-50% less resin compared to classic hybrid and pseudo nano composites:
    • Low shrinkage of only 1.6 vol.%
    • Non-sticky
    • Prolonged working time under ambient light
  • Designer Nano particles:
    • Excellent polishability and polish retention
    • Tooth-like modulus of elasticity
    • Tooth-like thermal expansion and flexural strength

The Dental Advisor 5 Star Editor's Choice Rating article

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REF 2600 Syringe Kit, 5-4gm syringes (A1,A2, A3, B1, GA3.25) shade guide
REF 2646 Trial Kit, 8-0.25g Caps (2-A1, 2-A2, 2-A3, 2-GA3.25) 1 x 1g GrandioSO Heavy Flow syringe A2, 1 x Dimanto Polisher
REF 2607 shade guide
Refills 4 g syringe, shades:
REF 2610 A1
REF 2611 A2
REF 2612 A3
REF 2614 A3.5
REF 2615 A4
REF 2613 GA3.25
REF 2616 GA5
REF 2619 B1
REF 2620 B2
REF 2621 B3
REF 2624 C2
REF 2627 D3
REF 2630 OA1
REF 2631 OA2
REF 2633 OA3.5
REF 2635 BL (Bleach)
REF 2694 Incisal

GrandioSO Caps

REF 2640 Caps Kit, 80-0.25gm Caps (A1, A2, A3, B1, GA3.25 ) shade guide
Refills 16 x 0,25 g Caps, shades:
REF 2650 A1
REF 2651 A2
REF 2652 A3
REF 2654 A3.5
REF 2655 A4
REF 2653 GA3.25
REF 2656 GA5
REF 2659 B1
REF 2660 B2
REF 2661 B3
REF 2664 C2
REF 2667 D3
REF 2670 OA1
REF 2671 OA2
REF 2673 OA3.5
REF 2675 BL (Bleach)
REF 2694 Incisal

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