Easy Glaze

Nano-filled light-cured liquid polish and surface sealant


Surface sealing of glass ionomer cements, provisional crowns and bridges and definitive composite restorations

Protecting glass ionomer cement surfaces against the effects of moisture and dehydration immediately after placement

Sealing glass ionomer cement liners/build-up restorations before taking impressions

Sealing and protecting adhesive interfaces between restoration and tooth structure


  • Finish temporary and permanent restorations in seconds
  • Natural gloss and tooth like fluoresence
  • Can be used on all types of direct and indirect restorations
  • Nano-filled for better wear resistance
  • Works with LED, PAC and halogen curing lights
  • Protects against staining and discoloration
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Excellent protection of Glass Ionomers against moisture and dehydration

In combination with VOCO Ionofil Molar AC / Quick:

  • Protects against moisture and dehydration immediately after filling placement
  • Tooth-like fluorescence
  • Natural gloss


Easy Glaze

REF 1016 bottle 5 ml, accessories

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