Universal light-cured 87% filled Nano-Hybrid Composite for anterior and posterior fillings of all classes


Class I to V fillings

Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors

Facetting of discolored anteriors

Correction of shape and shade to improve esthetic appearance

Locking, splinting of loose anteriors

Repair of veneers

Core build-up under crowns

Especially suitable for composite inlays


  • 87% filled by weight:
    •  Outstanding wear resistance
    •  Enhanced color stability
    •  Terrific handling characteristics (great sculptability, non-sticky consistency, no slumping)
  • 30-50% less resin compared to standard micro hybrids:
    •  Low shrinkage of only 1.57%*
    •  Excellent polishability
    •  Improved translucency
    •  Very high biocompatibility



REF 1800 Grandio® syringe kit, 5-4gm syringes (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2), shade guide
Refills 1-4gm syringe, shades:
REF 1810 A1
REF 1811 A2
REF 1812 A3
REF 1813 A3.5
REF 1814 A4
REF 1824 B1
REF 1815 B2
REF 1816 B3
REF 1817 C2
REF 1818 C3
REF 1825 D2
REF 1819 D3
REF 1820 I
REF 1821 OA2
REF 1822 OA3.5
REF 1823 BL
REF 1899 Grandio® shade guide

Grandio Caps

REF 1830 Grandio® Caps kit, 50-0.25gm Caps (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2), shade guide
Refills 20-0.25gm Caps, shades:
REF 1840 A1
REF 1841 A2
REF 1842 A3
REF 1843 A3.5
REF 1844 A4
REF 1854 B1
REF 1845 B2
REF 1846 B3
REF 1847 C2
REF 1848 C3
REF 1855 D2
REF 1849 D3
REF 1850 I
REF 1851 OA2
REF 1852 OA3.5
REF 1853 BL

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