Grandio Blocs

Nano-ceramic hybrid CAD / CAM block


Crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, implant supported crowns


  • 86% filled for enhanced strength and excellent wear resistance
  • Tooth-like elasticity and thermal expansion allows for thinner crown margins
  • Natural esthetics with enhanced color stability and polish retention
  • No firing required for true one appointment dentistry
  • Easy intraoral polishability, characterization and repair


Grandio Blocs

REF 6000 Kit blocks 2 × No. 12 (A2 LT, A2 HT), 3 × No. 14L (A1LT, A2 LT, A2 HT), Bifix QM QuickMix syringe 10 g universal, Futurabond U SingleDose 5 pcs., Ceramic Bond bottle 5 ml, Dimanto set, accessories

5x Size 12

Low translucent (LT)

REF 6003 A1 LT
REF 6004 A2 LT
REF 6005 A3 LT
REF 6006 A3.5 LT
REF 6007 B1 LT
REF 6008 C2 LT
REF 6009 BL LT

High translucent (HT)

REF 6012 A1 HT
REF 6013 A2 HT
REF 6014 A3 HT
REF 6015 A3.5 HT


REF 6033 Mixed (1 each of A1 LT, B1 LT, C2 LT, BL LT, A1 HT)

5x Size 14L

Low translucent (LT)

REF 6018 A1 LT
REF 6019 A2 LT
REF 6020 A3 LT
REF 6021 A3.5 LT
REF 6022 B1 LT
REF 6023 C2 LT
REF 6024 BL LT

High translucent (HT)

REF 6027 A1 HT
REF 6028 A2 HT
REF 6029 A3 HT
REF 6030 A3.5 HT


REF 6034 Mixed (1 each of A1 LT, B1 LT, C2 LT, BL LT, A1 HT)

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