Profluorid Varnish

Easy and tasteful white transparent 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish


Treatment of hypersensitive teeth

Treatment of cervical areas after professional cleaning and calculus removal


    • Easy non-messy SingleDose delivery system
    • White transparent color without yellow discoloration of the teeth
    • In five flavors without the unpleasant aftertaste of some other brands
    • Adheres well to moist surface and sets quickly in seconds after contact with saliva
    • High immediate fluoride release to relieve hypersensitivity
    • Enhanced flow characteristics allow Profluorid Varnish to reach areas traditional varnishes may miss
    • Contains no Saccharin, Aspartame or Gluten
    • CDT Insurance code D1206 for HIPAA dental claims
    • Sweetened naturally with Xylitol
    • Does not contain: tree nuts, peanuts, corn, shellfish, eggs, milk protein, soy, gluten, triclosan, petrolium, red dye/artificial coloring, saccharin or aspartame

VOCO Profluorid Varnish in practical SingleDose

  • Easy, quick and hygienic
  • No additional devices required
  • No spilling in any position

REF 1272 and 2235 are not available in Canada


Profluorid Varnish

REF 2225 48 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) assorted, accessories
REF 1268 50 SingleDose (0.25ml kids) melon, accessories
REF 1269 50 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) melon, accessories
REF 2226 50 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) caramel, accessories
REF 2227 50 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) cherry, accessories
REF 2228 50 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) mint, accessories
REF 2238 50 SingleDose (0.4 ml adults) bubble gum, accessories
REF 1271 200 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) melon, accessories
REF 2229 200 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) caramel, accessories
REF 2230 200 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) cherry, accessories
REF 2231 200 SingleDose (0.4ml adults) mint, accessories
REF 2239 200 SingleDose (0.4 ml adults) bubble gum, accessories
REF 1267 Tube 10ml, melon
REF 2232 Tube 10 ml, caramel
REF 2234 Tube 10 ml, mint
REF 2233 Tube 10 ml, cherry

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