GrandioSO Heavy Flow

Highly viscous, light-cured, flowable 83% filled Nano Hybrid Composite


Restoration of minimally invasive cavities of all classes

Restoration of small class I cavities and for extended fissure sealing

Restoration of class II – V cavities including wedge-shaped defects and cervical caries

Blocking out of undercuts

Lining or coating of cavities

Repair of restorations and veneers

Cementing of attachment of translucent prostheses (e.g. all-ceramic crowns etc.)


  • Strong enough for occlusal surfaces of class I + II restorations
  • Superior physical properties through 83% filler content
  • Wear resistance of a hybrid
  • No undesirable runoff; increased stability in comparison to conventional flowables
  • Simplified filling of undercuts, approximal boxes and paragingival areas
  • Ideal for proximal and cervical areas
  • Ideal for use with the GrandTEC® glass fiber system


The Dental Advisor 5 Star Editor's Choice Award article

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GrandioSO Heavy Flow

REF 2680 set syringe 5-2gm (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, WO), shade guide, accessories
2-2gm syringes, shades:
REF 2684 A1
REF 2685 A2
REF 2686 A3
REF 2687 A3.5
REF 2688 A4
REF 2689 GA5
REF 2690 B1
REF 2691 B2
REF 2692 C2
REF 2693 OA2
REF 2695 BL
REF 2696 WO
REF 2607 GrandioSO shade guide

GrandioSO Heavy Flow Caps

16-0.25gm Caps, shades:
REF 2704 A1
REF 2705 A2
REF 2706 A3
REF 2707 A3.5
REF 2708 A4
REF 2712 B1

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