Thanks to intensive research and development work as well as a certified quality assurance system, VOCO offers approximately 100 high-quality products that are exported to over 100 countries. The versatile, complete VOCO program contains numerous quality preparations for prophylaxis, therapy and prosthetics. Included are: temporary and definitive restoratives and lining materials, such as glass ionomer cements, ormocer®s, compomers and composites, luting materials, core build-up systems, endodontic posts, materials for temporaries, impression materials and cleaning supplies, adhesives, fissure sealants, fluoridation preparations as well as laboratory products and equipment. VOCO is certified pursuant to EN ISO 9001, EN 13485 and 93/42 EEC - Annex II - additional evidence of the highest level of quality assurance and VOCO top-quality products that are "Made in Germany".

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